Fall is fast approaching here in western North Carolina. We had to go out and buy a new leaf blower to keep up with the falling leaves. Of course we sold a perfectly good one when we left Ohio that could both blow or suck up leaves, along with a chain saw and weed eater that we have also since replaced. You just never think when you get rid of things that you will ever need them again.

We probably need to get a new grill. The old one is just a little portable model that we bought at Sears in New Philadelphia possibly 10 years ago. It is stainless steel. The outside looks great yet, but the insides are rusting.

Then there is the matter of the very large wasp nest that we discovered inside the grill recently. Son Alan used a small blow torch to eliminate the varmints. The last time we looked there were still some very angry wasps hanging around. Maybe a good thing would be to turn on the grill and cook them.

Right now we are taking it easy. The Man of the House had his second cataract removed last week. I am the nurse in charge of administering the three kinds of drops as prescribed by his doctor. He is pretty good about that part of the treatment.

He is less compliant when it comes to the part about not lifting anything over 10 pounds or bending over. There have been a few times when I have caught him doing things that are forbidden.

When I hear scraping noises coming from the bedroom and find him bending over, trying to install a new shoe rack in the bottom of his closet, that’s when my voice goes up an octave. "Don’t keep doing things that make me yell at you!" has become my mantra.

If I can keep him occupied with less strenuous things for just a couple more days all will be well. The trouble is that he feels so good he forgets his imposed limitations.

I don’t know what happened but our deer herd has been absent lately. We’ve gone from seeing a high of seven down to one and that is infrequently. They must have found better food somewhere else in the neighborhood.

Speaking of deer, I got a letter from Jeanetter Humberger of Glenmont with a remedy to keep deer from eating our plants. She had tried electric fencing to do the trick but then asked an Amish neighbor what she used. It is called Garden Safe Liquid Fence. She says it doesn’t smell good.

Thanks for that advice. I believe we have decided to let the deer eat whatever they want since it is worth the entertainment. We have discovered a few flowers that apparently they are not too fond of, like our Lantana. We will try more of that next year. I also just read that deer don’t like smelly herbs like lavender, sage and mint. I had thought of marigolds, too. I guess if they are hungry enough they will eat just about anything green.

I also just got a letter forwarded from Janet Winterringer of Holmesville. It was written back in February when we were in the process of moving, wishing us the best in our move. I appreciate the thoughts. Where the letter has been all those many months is a mystery. Although when you see how the postal system runs, it’s amazing that we ever get any mail that is addressed to us.