Things are going along swimmingly here in the foothills of White Oak Mountain in North Carolina. The weather has improved to the point we can sit outside and eat two meals a day and commune with the squirrels and birds.

We had a bird fatality recently. I was alone one day while The Man of the House was out on a grueling 6.5 mile hike with a local hiking club. I was enjoying the peace and quiet until I kept hearing a thumping noise every so often. Upon investigation I found a female cardinal launching herself repeatedly at the sliding glass door going out to our deck.

Nothing I tried discouraged her. Her husband kept coming around to the feeder but he could not convince her to stop hitting the glass. The next day the pair did not show up. Two days later I found a dead bird in a chair on the deck. Strangely, it was not the cardinal but some other yet unidentified brown bird.

Our noisy refrigerator problem has been solved. The horrible sound that was occurring every half-hour turned out to be the ice machine trying to make ice without the benefit of the water line being hooked up. We did not have time to have a plumber come out to do the job before the refrigerator arrived. A call to the warranty people resulted in a nice, young woman telling us how to turn off the ice machine and all was quiet.

We did not have to resort to eating at Waffle House on Easter after all. A nice, young couple from our church invited us to their house for lunch. They have six kids and live on a 20-acre farm just over the border in South Carolina. It was reminiscent of getting together with our grandchildren, only with a herd of beef cows in the field.

We almost missed our lunch altogether, though. We had no idea where we were going so we were told by Jesse, the father of the group, to follow his black truck when he left the church parking lot. So we got headed the right way and followed the first black truck we saw. We followed it for quite some time before the driver pulled into a driveway and jumped out of his truck. Our hearts sank because it was someone we had never seen before! We had been following the wrong truck. Jesse realized what happened and had called the driver and asked him if a white car was following him. Thankfully, Jesse was waiting in the church parking lot when we got back.

As it turned out, lunch was not nearly ready when we arrived so we were not the cause of a delay. Instead, the two huge hams were not done so we had to wait for them. In the meantime we got better acquainted with the six children in the family – five boys ages 17 down to 3 and one little 5-year-old girl. There was also another young man there as a guest, as well as an older couple. The more the merrier.

They also had several large dogs wandering around, plus a small pop-eyed little dog, and a mama dog who had given birth to eight pups about eight weeks ago. The puppies were all very cute and all spoken for to owners from as far away as Ohio and Georgia.

Since it is finally warming up here this week we are in the mood to plant some new bushes to replace the old, poorly pruned azaleas that are to be removed. I am also hoping for rain so The Man of the House can finish up some inside projects for me. For some reason he is resisting putting together our second futon. Maybe it’s because it was so frustrating to put together the first one. So far I’ve opened the box. I may get brave and start putting it together myself. That will be sure to get some action.