BERLIN (AP) - NAME: Matthias Mueller

BERLIN (AP) NAME: Matthias Mueller

AGE: 62

BIRTHPLACE: Chemnitz, Germany

EDUCATION: University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany

EXPERIENCE: A company insider, Mueller started as an apprentice toolmaker at Audi, now a unit of Volkswagen, between finishing high school and studying at university. He returned to Audi in 1978 and worked his way up to become head of product management for Audi, Seat and Lamborghini. In 2007, Mueller became head of product management for the Volkswagen Group. He has been Porsche chief executive since 2010 and a member of parent Volkswagen's management board since March.

QUOTE: "I am taking on this task at a time in which our company faces unprecedented challenges. I have respect for this, but I am also facing this task with confidence."