NW—PY018Des Moines, IA Thu. Apr 10, 2014 USDA Market NewsSHELL EGGS: Daily Midwest Regional EggsDaily producer prices are steady for Large and 2 cents lower for Medium.Midwest deliverd prices are steady. The undertone is lower for all sizes.Retail and food service demand is moderate. Offerings are moderate.Supplies are moderate to heavy. Market activity is slow. Breaking stockprices are steady. The undertone is mostly steady. Demand is light tomoderate on moderate offerings. Supplies are light to moderate. Marketactivity is slow.PRICES TO RETAILERS, SALES TO VOLUME BUYERS, USDA GRADE A AND GRADE A,WHITE EGGS IN CARTONS, CENTS PER DOZEN.PRICES DELIVERED TO WAREHOUSE:RANGE MOSTLYEXTRA LARGE 160-169 163-166LARGE 159-168 161-164MEDIUM 142-151 144-147PRICES DELIVERED TO STORE DOOR:RANGE MOSTLYEXTRA LARGE 167-175 168-170LARGE 165-173 166-168MEDIUM 148-156 149-151IOWA-MINNESOTA-WISCONSIN EGGSPRICES PAID TO PRODUCERS, CENTS PER DOZEN.RANGE MOSTLYLARGE 141-151 145MEDIUM 118-122 120SMALL 73-79MIDWEST AREA: IA,IL,IN,KY,MI,MN,OH,NE,ND,SD,WI,WV,western NY, and western PASource: USDA AMS Livestock, Poultry & Grain Market NewsDes Moines, IA 515.284.4471 email: PYMNDSM@ams.usda.govhttp://www.ams.usda.gov/mnreports/NW—PY018.txtPrepared: 10-Apr-14 11:23 AM E JG