LM—HG209Des Moines, Iowa Thu, Mar 27, 2014 USDA Market NewsEASTERN CORNBELT DAILY DIRECT MORNING HOG REPORT BASED ON STATE OF ORIGINPLANT DELIVERED PURCHASE DATA FOR Thursday, March 27, 2014 (As of 9:30 AM)CURRENT VOLUME BY PURCHASE TYPEBARROWS & GILTS LIVE AND CARCASS BASISEstimated Actual Actual ActualToday Today Week Ago Year AgoProducer SoldNegotiated 5,900 5,417 2,626 2,970Other Market Formula 16,010 9,593 862 175Swine or Pork Market Formula 22,822 4,413 5,025 3,681Other Purchase Arrangement 14,690 3,635 4,675 5,735Packer Sold (all purchase types) 0 2,000 0 0--------------------------------------------------------------------------------NEGOTIATED PURCHASE (Including Packer Sold)Barrows & Gilts (carcass basis): 2,221*Price not reported due to confidentiality*--------------------------------------------------------------------------------EASTERN CORNBELT DAILY DIRECT NEGOTIATED HOG PURCHASE MATRIXREPRESENTING INDIVIDUAL PACKER CARCASS MERIT BUYING PROGRAMSbased on both Fat and Muscle Measurements for a 200 lb Carcass Basis*Price not reported due to confidentiality*--------------------------------------------------------------------------------CARCASS WEIGHT DIFFERENTIALS*Price not reported due to confidentiality*--------------------------------------------------------------------------------MEASUREMENTS BASED ON SLAUGHTER DATA SUBMITTED*Price not reported due to confidentiality*--------------------------------------------------------------------------------SWINE OR PORK MARKET FORMULA PURCHASE (Including Packer Sold)Barrows & Gilts (carcass basis): 3,514Base Price Range $123.72 - $128.64, Weighted Average $126.41--------------------------------------------------------------------------------NEGOTIATED PURCHASE (Including Packer Sold)Barrows & Gilts (live basis, 240-300 lbs): 1,512Compared to Prior Day's closing weighted average (LM—HG207), 1.39 higherPrice Range $99.25 - $101.50, Weighted Average $100.92--------------------------------------------------------------------------------BARROWS & GILTS PURCHASE BY STATE OF ORIGINIllinois 2,215 Indiana 1,859Kentucky 185 Michigan 9,938North Carolina 1,020 New York 360Ohio 3,849 Pennsylvania 710Wisconsin 168--------------------------------------------------------------------------------*For more information, please visit www.ams.usda.gov/ConfidentialityGuidelines*Source: USDA Market News Service, Des Moines, IA515-284-4460 email: desm.lpgmn@usda.gov24 Hour recorded market information 515-284-4830www.ams.usda.gov/LSMarketNews1100C.