Audiences were on the stage this weekend as Perrysburg High School's Winter One Acts performance presented its final shows.

Audiences were on the stage this weekend as Perrysburg High School's Winter One Acts performance presented its final shows.

About 100 chairs were set up on the backstage of the auditorium so community members could see the technical part of the play, including stage set up, lighting, sound board, and an up close view of the acting. Some actors and director Rob Gentry said the up-close audience makes for a more intimate show.

Winter One Acts annually have three different short plays in one.

10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse kicks the play off with two narrators explaining how to survive a zombie attack while students act out the survival tactics.

Thistle Blossoms is a drama about a high school student considering suicide. Actors said they wanted to show no matter how unloved people may feel - there are always people out there that care for them.

Of Widows and Vegetables is a silly play with love, death, and tap-dancing widows.

A show was added for 2 p.m. Saturday because one performance last weekend was snowed out. The last performance is at 2 p.m. Sunday.

"Snowiest Month Ever"

Who would have guessed last November when preparations began for snow and ice removal that January, 2014 would be the snowiest month ever in Sylvania, with over 34" of snowfall.

Sylvania City service crews have been putting in 12 hour shifts of overtime to plow the snow and spread hundreds of tons of road salt. Their work includes not only clearing public streets, but also parking lots and sidewalks at City facilities. Our equipment and salt supply are holding up, as are the hardy service crews who do this cold work night and day.

During a pause between storms, these service crews of the City Streets and Parks Divisions had a chance to pose for a picture commemorating this snowiest month ever in Sylvania. Thank you to these hardworking individuals! I donít think any community in northwest Ohio has their roads cleared sooner or better than here in Sylvania.

The water department also had a very difficult January with extremely cold temperatures causing many waterline breaks, and the deep snow making the breaks harder to find and repair. Water department service crews had to spend many very cold days and nights outside in wet and muddy holes making the repairs. These service crews also paused for a picture commemorating one of the hardest winter months on record. Thank you to these hardworking men for their efforts under very difficult conditions! They have kept the water on for us.

Thank you to all of our Sylvania City employees for keeping us safe and the community working during this very cold and snowiest month ever in Sylvania! Winter is not over, but spring is getting closer. In the meantime, enjoy this good old-fashioned, real winter here in Sylvania.