DESHLER - Village council in 2013 decided to move forward with a $2.2 million project that will expand the village's lagoon system.

DESHLER - Village council in 2013 decided to move forward with a $2.2 million project that will expand the village’s lagoon system.

Sewer Superintendent Brad Kitchen brought the issue to council in March, saying it is ideal to move forward due to the timing for possible grants to put toward the project. He said the village is not under findings and orders from the Environmental Protection Agency at this time, but he said he believed the current system will be eventually.

The project was originally addressed in November 2012 and will focus on regulatory and reliability issues, as well as a capacity for growth. The village’s original sewer system was implemented in the 1930s, with the main pump station being developed in 1959.

The project would build a new main pump station, a force main to push the water into lagoons for treatment and a third cell at the village’s lagoon.

Since that time, other issues have been eyed with the village’s sewer and water systems, including smoke testing, which only revealed minor issues in the system, and the approval of a loan which will allow homeowners to borrow interest-free money to replace piping.

In other happenings, rolling off a project that revitalized the downtown area, the village was able to further improve matters of infrastructure at no cost.

Kitchen recently reported the village will receive a 100 percent federal grant for the replacement of the bridge on Keyser Street.

Kitchen previously reported an annual inspection rated the bridge one rating away from possible closure. Kitchen had placed the bridge on a five-year plan, but he was contacted in November in regard to the new federal funding program.

Kitchen said estimates of replacing the bridge were approximated at $250,000 at the time of inspection. He explained the bridge was originally constructed with concrete pieces, and because it did not carry a lot of traffic and had a 10-ton weight limit, it was able to last as long as it did.

Through the program, Kitchen said the project will likely be done in 2015.

The village has also gone through a process of receiving a new weather alert siren, which was received from the City of Defiance after the city decided to upgrade its equipment through a grant.

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