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Business Budget for Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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^Door-to-door liquor delivery helps small stores survive


Although Southern California is dotted with stores that deliver alcohol to homes and businesses, the concentration is particularly high in and around Tinseltown.

1050 by Soumya Karlamangla in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Quiz: Test your 2013 business knowledge. No cheating!


650 by Scott Wilson. MOVED

^Economists foresee stronger growth in 2014

ECONOMY-PREVIEW:WA _ This time is different. That's what economists insist as they predict, for the third consecutive year, that the coming year will be the one that resembles a return to stronger growth and normalcy in the U.S. economy.

850 by Kevin G. Hall in Washington. (Moving as a Washington story.)

Moving later



^Q&A: Author advocates reinventing yourself in retirement


850 by Neal St. Anthony. MOVED


^Expansion plans at S.C. plant suggest Washington state won't get newest Dreamliner production


The public filing details how Boeing will grow at its 265-acre campus next to Charleston International Airport, as well as on 468 acres of adjacent land the state bought this month to lease long term to the company.

850 by Kyung M. Song. MOVED

^N.J. workers, businesses await impact of a $1 raise


In New Jersey, advocates of the higher wage say it will help the working poor and boost the state's economy as low-income households get millions more to spend. But business groups say the raise will burden employers _ and they're especially upset that the November vote changed the state constitution to lock in annual cost-of-living increases for minimum-wage workers.

700 by Kathleen Lynn. MOVED


These features regularly move on Tuesday:

WRK-REYER-QA:MS _ Credentialed coach gives weekly advice on readers' workplace and careers questions.

550 by Liz Reyer.

Moving later


550 by Marie G. McIntyre. MOVED


1300 by Cindy Krischer Goodman. MOVED


WRK-HELPWANTED:ND _ Q&A on resolving workplace problems.

600 by Carrie Mason-Draffen.

Moving later


250 by Diane Stafford. MOVED


850 by Rex Huppke. MOVED

These features regularly move on Wednesday:


CPT-WOLVERTON-COLUMN:SJ _ An in-depth review of the latest tech gadget, with an eye toward industry trends.

950 by Troy Wolverton.

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CPT-TECHQA:MS _ Q&A on general computer/technology questions from readers.

500 by Steve Alexander.



CPT-TECHREVIEW:DA _ Reviews of personal electronics.

700 by Jim Rossman.



CPT-HELPWARE:MCT _ Reviews of helpful computer programs.

450 by Harold Glicken.

Moving later


CPT-WEBWINNERS:PH _ A collection of Web resources that offer financial guidance.

350 by. Reid Kanaley

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CPT-APPTITUDE:PH _ A compilation of useful smartphone applications.

350 by Reid Kanaley.

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