Nestled within the storefronts lining Maple Street in the historic Harmar Village sits Focus, a boutique and photography studio.

Nestled within the storefronts lining Maple Street in the historic Harmar Village sits Focus, a boutique and photography studio.

Focus is a new addition to Harmar, having only recently opened on Oct. 26. The opening kicked off with an open house.

Focus is a dream realized for owners Tiffany Gray, 35, of Caldwell, and Duffy Sprague, 35, of Devola. Gray has been a professional photographer for seven years, while Sprague has been at it for five years.

"I actually needed a place to have a studio," Sprague said. "I had my studio in my house and found out it wasn't allowed (due to zoning.)"

Sprague said that after talking with Gray, they decided to open a shop together.

"We looked at the space, loved it and decided we had to have it and here we are," Sprague said.

Despite being a young studio, Focus has seen many customers.

"We've had our fair share (of customers)," Gray said. "Mostly on weekends."

The boutique is a big draw, not only for customers, but for other photographers.

Gray pointed out that there aren't many places photographers around Marietta can go to get props, and Focus was supplying their needs.

"We have had two other photographers look around," Sprague said. "We got some really good feedback, which is always nice."

Sprague said Focus is always looking for new vendors.

"We usually have one new item per week," Gray said.

She added that the children's clothes are usually a big draw.

"We do custom clothes for little kids," Gray said. "We have a lot of unique items."

The boutique includes arm and leg warmers, myriad scarves, hats, earmuffs, headbands and jewelry.

On the photography side, 2014 will bring new things to the studio. Focus will offer packages for themed birthday parties. Boys will have the choice between superheroes and a rock band, girls can choose from diva, spa and princess parties.

"We bring someone in who makes cakes," Gray said. "The food and drinks are provided and then we take pictures."

Gray added that other themes will be available.

"You can also customize your own party," Gray said.

And not only does Focus have the boutique and studio, the owners are very active in charity work.

"We like to do charities," Gray said. "We've done the Relay for Life and the Autism Society."

Focus offers an option of photo booths for organizations in the area. On Nov. 23, the studio offered a Photo Booth with Santa in the store.

After the Christmas Parade, Focus will be offering photos with Santa.

"This weekend, after the parade, we'll be at Cheeseman's Bait Shop," Gray said. "Santa is coming after the parade."

Sprague said they were hoping to offer unique events during each month.

"We're hoping to do something special each month," Sprague said. She mentioned an upcoming event, Stella & Dot, which she said would be a girl's night out event.

The owners seem quite content in their new haven of photography.

"Focus is our baby," Sprague remarked.

She added that she loves living out her dream of a permanent studio.

"My favorite part is looking back," Sprague said. "To see the smiles on their faces and the whole love of the family. The emotion you can capture in a picture is amazing to me."