NEW YORK (AP) - Changes announced in corporate dividends:

NEW YORK (AP) Changes announced in corporate dividends:

Increased DividendsAmer Realty Cap Properties .07833M from .07583MBecton Dickinson .545 from .495CBL & Assoc .245 from .23Cathay General .05 from .01Chico's FAS .075 from .055Culp Inc .05 from .04Glacier Bancorp .16 from .15Hormel Foods .20 from .17McCormick & Co .37 from .34Merck & Co .44 from .43Oxford Lane Cap .60 from .55RGC Resources .185 from .18SeaDrill .95 from .91South Jersey Inds .4725 from .4425United Guardian .50S from .47Sg- Canadian fundsExtra or Special DividendsBassett Furniture .20Cato Corp .05Drew Inds $2.00Oritani Financial .25PC Connection .40Territorial Bncp .10Universal Insur .15Initial DividendsPattern Energy .3125QReduced DividendsFriedman Industries .02 from .08Declared Stock DividendElmira Savings Bank 10pc

Other corporate news and listings:

Declared Stock SplitsNuverra Environmdntal Solutions 1 for 10 reverse split.Stock Splits This WeekMDC Partners 3 for 2Annual Earnings HigherGAAP fully diluted from 10KAshland Inc 8.57 vs .33Coherent Inc 2.70 vs 2.62Courier Corp .98 vs .77F5 Networks 3.50 vs 3.45Intl Game Tech 1.03 vs .85J&J Snack Foods 3.41 vs 2.86Jacobs Engineering 3.23 vs 2.94Natl Fuel Gas 3.08 vs 2.63New Jersey Rescs 2.75 vs 2.23Nutraceutical Intl 1.73 vs 1.59Raymond James Fin 2.58 vs 2.20Sirona Dental 2.61 vs 2.36TD Ameritrade 1.22 vs 1.06Varian Medical 3.98 vs 3.76Whole Foods Mts 1.47 vs 1.26Annual Earnings Lower(Losses)Air Products 4.68 vs 5.44AmerisourceBergen 1.84 vs 2.80Brooks Automation (.03) vs 2.08EZ Corp .63 vs 2.81Hillenbrand 1.01 vs 1.68Jack-in-the-Box 1.14 vs 1.28Acquisitions and MergersMinimum value $100 millionNielsen Holdings NV - Harris Interactive ($117M)Stocks Removed from TradingNYSEGen Motors 4.75pc pfB (mandatory conversion)NYSE MKTCardero Resources Corp (regulatory)NASDAQ Global and Global Select MarketsBerkshire Bancorp (to OTC)Natl Technocal Systems (acquired)Symmetricom Inc (acquired)Corporate Name ChangesCogo Group Inc to Viewtran Group IncWashington Post Company to Graham Holding Company