APPS OF THE WEEK For release 09/30/13

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APPS OF THE WEEK For release 09/30/13

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Mobile apps for advanced mathematics students

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Students who excel in mathematics should continue to refine their skill set when class isn't in session. Here are five advanced mathematics apps for high schoolers that can help come test time:

Trigonometry (iOS $1.99)

Trigonometry is a simple, attractive and effective application for learning and reviewing the subject. The app presents practical triangle-based problems via fill-in-the-blanks and problem solving, along with "Big Ideas" and "Skill Summary" screens. The app's simplicity combined with its answer-reveal approach, makes it great for students who are new to trigonometry.

Math Pro!!! (iOS Free)

Through illustrated formulas, concepts and definitions, Math Pro!!! helps hammer home basic concepts and leads to subject mastery. This app is easy to use and makes hard concepts understandable. The use of colors, tutorials and readily accessible help pages makes this an essential addition to any math education. By referencing all lower level math subjects, it serves as a comprehensive reminder to past definitions, relationships and theorems as well.

Algebra Touch (iOS $2.99)

The hardest concept in algebra is how to correctly manipulate numbers, variables and expressions in such a way as to arrive at the correct answer. Algebra Touch brings those concepts into focus by allowing you to animate the correct process with guiding colors and sounds. Addition, negatives, multiplication, order of operations, prime numbers, substitution, division, variables, distribution factoring and more are all beautifully taught through dynamic touch controls. Even if you do feel like you're not arriving at the right answer, you can swipe, squeeze, tap and reorder the equation until it all makes sense.

Data & Statistics (iOS $1.99)

Data & Statistics presents the opportunity for your student to test what they know. If the existing large amount of test questions is not sufficient, an upgrade of $4.99 will provide 1,200 more questions covering many different topics. This app is a decent testing tool and also provides a wealth of teaching information about each of the subject test questions. The explanations are clear, concise and grouped logically.

Geometry Pro (iOS, Android $0.99)

This app contains a ton of detailed information about geometry, with additional exercises to allow for and encourage better understanding. Geometry as a whole is explained well through examples and connections with real life situations. Geometry Pro reinforces the concepts at the beginning of each lesson, reminding students that they can make geometric connections to daily life activities and see math everywhere around them.

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