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I just bought a new Dell Inspiron 660s with Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9 and use Bright House Road Runner. I have to put my email and password in every time. It does not ask if I want to save my ID and password as XP did. I think I have the AutoComplete settings correct in Internet options. Dell can't fix it. Got any ideas?

Here are a few things to try: Go back to Internet Explorer, Tools, Internet Options, Content tab. In the AutoComplete section, click Settings and double-check that everything is checked. If it is already set correctly, try clicking the "Delete AutoComplete history" button, click OK, exit Internet Explorer and then try it again.

Two other things that I would try: Go to Control Panel¼Network and Internet¼Network and Sharing Center. Make sure your current Internet connection under the "View your active networks" (the one with the picture of the park bench) is set to "Home" and not "Public network." Click it and change it to "Home" if needed.

Lastly, go to Control Panel¼User Accounts and click to open Credential Manager. Under Generic credentials, click "Add a generic credential" and try adding the URL, your login and password to one of the sites that is currently not remembering your ID and password. Save it and then give it a try.

I am running Windows XP and all of a sudden I can't update Microsoft Security Essentials. I get "error code 0x80070424, auto updates showing 5/21 latest update." This morning I had a message showing "malware and trojan present" and was told to run "Clean PC" and I did. Then I was informed that firewall and auto updates turned off. I restarted firewall and tried to restart auto updates but was informed I can't, so I went into Security Essentials to update manually and then the above code showed up.

You have a virus that disabled your firewall and antivirus. People often think that if they have an antivirus installed that it is impossible to get a virus. This is not true. Regardless of which antivirus you have, if you are determined to shoot yourself in the foot by installing programs from questionable sources or override warnings, it will happen. The message you received telling you that you have a virus and to run "Clean PC" was a fake message, and it got you to install the virus. A message like that is never legitimate. Since the virus is controlling all functions now, running any antivirus is useless. You need to download and boot from the Microsoft Defender Offline. This will allow you to boot from a DVD, bypass Windows (and the virus) and will automatically scan for and eliminate the virus. Go to to read more about the Defender Offline and create your DVD.

I am trying to uninstall Norton Ghost from my computer. I keep getting messages such as "install server not responding" and "file cannot be found."

Go to Symantec's support site Search for "removal tool" and click on the first returned link, which should say "Download and run the Norton Removal Tool to uninstall your?…?." Download and follow the instructions.

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