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My husband and I have spent countless frustrating hours trying to find out how to forward emails we receive from others, without success, since Microsoft forced our email account to Can you help, please?

I agree, the interface can be un-intuitive at times. Since "Forwarding" is a type of "Reply," they decided to make that option available under the Reply menu button. The Reply button only appears once you click to select or open an existing email. Click the little "down arrow" chevron to list the other Reply options including "Forward."

I attempted to download MalWareBytes Anti-Malware but received popup windows security warnings that say the following: File Download- Security Warning ... Do you want to run or save this file? ... Name: 9mfmj751f.exe Type: Application From: Not knowing what to do I clicked on RUN. This caused another popup security window to appear with the following: AOL Browser-Secuity Warning … The publisher could not be verified, are you sure you want to run this file … . I need your help.

This is a standard warning that you are about to run an executable program that is originating from outside your PC. It is to be taken very seriously. If you are receiving this message when trying to download Malwarebytes Antimalware from, it is to be expected. This link generates a random executable name in order to fool any resident viruses that may be monitoring for an antivirus, which it could then disable. That is why in this particular case the operating system warns of "Publisher cannot be verified." In this case, it's okay to proceed.

Recently I discovered that my laptop, which runs Vista with Explorer 9, lost the printer. I have had problems with the laptop closing Windows, but then it recovers after several attempts to restart. I have AVG for security and run Malwarebytes, which comes up clean. When I type "services.msc," it shows that the print spooler has failed with error 2. It would appear a virus had something to do with this or it disappeared when I ran a virus scan perhaps. When I attempt to print something it asks me to add a printer and says the print spooler service is not running. The printer is still on the computer (Lexmark Pro 700 series.) It is my understanding the spooler is like the link between what you want to print and the printer.

A print spooler Error 2 is "the system cannot find the file specified", which in this case could be c:¼windows¼system32¼spoolsv.exe. Check to see if this file is on your system. If not you may try finding this file on another Windows Vista system and copying it to your PC (it is less than 1 MB). This is a system file, so it is not easy to delete. How did it disappear? There is no sure way to tell at this point, but your laptop having "issues closing" is a concern. Something is wrong and there may be other issues or corruption. If you continue to have these issues, my recommendation would be to back up all your personal data and restore your laptop to the factory settings.

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