UNDR[H2O], virtual reality game, wants to provide both sharp visuals and a storyline to enhance it.

UNDR[H2O], virtual reality game, wants to provide both sharp visuals and a storyline to enhance it.

UNDR[H2O] is the Columbus-based virtual reality startup's first game in the pipeline. Scheduled to come out in gameplay version in January, the gamer in UNDR[H2O] will act as a plumber, trying to fixas many leaks as possible with a variety of tools. But Ohio University graduates and GuessworkVR cofounders Anthony Mikicic and Tyler Blust aren't stopping at gameplay. The startup is working on UNDR[H2O]'s storyline to add to the initial gameplay version, which will produce feedback to bolster the updated game.

Blust notes that in the VR community, most developers are focusing on the visual effects first and the storylines come second. However, Blust believes that the integrated story in games should be just as important.

"We want it to be like you're in a movie and you're the one moving the plot forward," Blust says.

The startup is seeking $50,000 to $100,000 in investments to go toward a brick-and-mortar office in Columbus to speed up development.

Though the startup has not yet received outside funding, it has already received external feedback on UNDR[H20]. In October, GuessworkVR attended GDEX 2016, a Columbus-based gaming expo at which game developers could show off their product, and UNDR[H2O]'s gameplay demo was available for attendees to play.

As for who specifically the startup is looking to play UNDR[H2O], Blust claims the market is early VR adopters. "People are buying pretty much anything that comes out, but the game's definitely geared more toward the younger audience," Blust says.

Will GuessworkVR achieve startup success?

"As an early stage investor, I'd be betting on the team and the scale behind what they are building. Honestly, I'd suggest they start with a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter or Indiegogo initially to gain customers and continue to bootstrap."

Potential Investor: Matt Armstead, cofounder & partner,Lumos Innovation

"UNDR [H20] is an interesting concept that delivers a unique perspective for VR Technology. With VR gaming becoming more and more prevalent, it will be important for UNDR[H20] to diversify itself from the competition through art, gameplay and story."

Potential User: Laura Lee Harris, technical artist/3D generalist, Multivarious Games

"Being early to a market is a double-edged sword. While the markets are smaller, you have the opportunity to build a brand faster and with less resources than highly-competitive markets. With games being a hit-driven business, the GuessworkVR team can succeed."

Industry Pro: William Griggs, founder & CEO, VirtualRealityRental.co