McDonald has been working for the betterment of others since she earned her degree in business and human resources from Ohio State University.

Director of Employment Services

Physician Recruitment at Nationwide Children's Hospital

As families have sought life-saving healthcare for their children at Nationwide Children's Hospital for nearly 125 years, health experts have also long recognized that medical attention is just one criterion for success in childhood. Other facets include affordable housing, safe and accessible neighborhoods, kindergarten readiness and gainfully employed parents.

Thanks to the efforts of Marcey McDonald, Nationwide Children's is also meeting those needs for hospital neighbors through a quartet of programs that helped McDonald bring home the 2016 HR award for Good Works.

The largest and most ambitious of the Nationwide programs is "Healthy Neighborhoods, Healthy Families," which has used $17 million in grant funding and sponsorships to renovate houses within the areas around the hospital.

"We have touched more than 1,200 homes in the neighborhood," McDonald says. "We also go into homes and teach parents to help kids be kindergarten-ready. A lot of times they are not reading at home. People don't know what they don't know."

McDonald's staff also holds workshops to teach employment and job retention skills and partners with a job fair to help reduce the area's 24-percent unemployment.

Through the program, 183 people in the immediate vicinity of the hospital were hired in 2015, and job fairs attracted 30 employers and 160 potential employees.

McDonald also oversees the "Fast Path" program, in collaboration with Columbus State Community College, which educates and trains under-employed Columbus residents. It offers three certification programs relevant to the hospital: floor technicians, food service professionals and state-tested nursing assistants.

Her partnership with Community Properties of Ohio provided on-the-job training for residents in their 30s and 40s who have never been employed, and she coordinates a school supply drive for the students of Livingston Elementary School.

"A lot of people in our neighborhoods have barriers, and there are things many people have not been able to overcome.

McDonald has been working for the betterment of others since she earned her degree in business and human resources from Ohio State University. She worked in recruitment for Coca-Cola and the University of Colorado as well as the hospitality and financial industries before joining Nationwide Children's in 2012.

Ernest Hoffman of PRADCO, a fellow HR Award winner, nominated McDonald after hearing her describe the "cycle of poverty" and seeing how committed she is to helping generations of un- and underemployed Columbus residents break that cycle.

He wrote in his nomination that Nationwide's endeavors represent one of McDonald's defining characteristics: being a "professional matchmaker."

"They are giving a positive role model by developing these parents and families, and showing kids what employed families look like," he says. "This situation was a perfect match for Marcey. These programs have taken her passions and combined them with what Nationwide can do, in term of community reach. That has taken both of their efforts to new heights."