Alaina Shearer of Cement Marketing out to prevent obstacles in digital marketing.

Alaina Shearer has seen a lot in her career.

Silenced by radio station colleagues (literally: the then-radio DJ had her mic turned off). Faced with invasive questions from a job interviewer (he wanted to know about her pregnancy plans). Told by a manager that he couldn't be left alone in a room with her (she eventually quit).

June 9, the Cement Marketing founder spoke to about 100 women crowded into the Vue in Columbus for "The Tell All," the rollout of Women in Digital, an organization dedicated to empowering women working in the digital media industry.

Shearer founded digital marketing firm Cement in 2009 after personally and professionally suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, including sexual harassment at work, spousal abuse at home and income uncertainty as a single mother of a young child. Last year, Cement Marketing brought in $1.2 million in sales.

Shearer's path "was hard. And it shouldn't have been so hard. And we can help each other and prevent that kind of stuff from happening to each other," she says.

Host of the group's premiere gathering, Shearer shared a mission statement for Women in Digital with the audience-"Together we can overcome anything. And there is a lot to overcome"-and discussed key concerns: respect in the boardroom, paid family leave and flexible work schedules, fair pay and equal protection.

Shearer, who envisions speakers, mentor opportunities and subgroups for women working in different specialty areas, such as social media or SEO, is already talking about bringing Women in Digital to peers in Cleveland and Cincinnati.

Women in Digital leadership and funding are still in the works.