With our fourth annual HR Excellence Awards, Columbus CEO is proud to honor some of central Ohio's top human resources professionals and programs in this issue.

Here's to HR! With our fourth annual HR Excellence Awards, Columbus CEO is proud to honor some of central Ohio's top human resources professionals and programs in this issue. Our winners and finalists didn't all start out with HR in mind, but they each share deep concern for helping others do and be their best-and that's what good human resources is all about, isn't it?

OSU Assistant Professor of Journalism Nicole Kraft has been profiling our HR winners and finalists since the first awards were bestowed in 2012. Her stories illuminate the qualities that stand out to our panels of judges. Congratulations to each of our six winners and seven finalists!

It's especially appropriate to be singing the praises of human resources professionals this month, as Columbus CEO is grateful for the HR staff who helped us add Editorial Assistant Julie France to our team.

Julie came on board just as we were sending our previous issue to print, and we could tell right away that she was going to fit in just fine. Deadline time can be scary to the uninitiated, but Julie was immediately helpful as we rushed to make final corrections to copy, double-check headlines, photo cutlines and graphics, and generally make sure the final product was to our liking. Not only was she not intimidated by the ramped-up pressure of the production process, she brought software, editing and writing skills to the game that were exactly what we needed.

That's what good human resources can do for a team. By helping us find the right new person, the workload was made lighter for all of us, and the enjoyment of our work was increased considerably.

Julie, a Columbus native, comes to us with a shiny new bachelor's degree in philosophy from Kenyon College and a minor in math. Her academic focus was not the usual pathway to a journalism career, but her experience with her college newspaper whetted her appetite for more writing and editing, and her internships sparked an interest in business-focused publications. You can see her work on our website, ColumbusCEO.com, and also in this month's Briefing, Breakdown, Leaderboard and Agenda pages. We couldn't be happier to have Julie on our team.

Unfortunately, work environments are not always harmonious, and sometimes even the best HR professionals need help dealing with personnel safety issues.

That's where this month's Small Business Spotlight comes in. ARMADA Ltd. provides security to a wide variety of employers all around the world, from large for-profits to government and even the military. Contributing writer Mary Sterenberg talks with co-founder and CEO Tom Foos about how his company came into being and has grown.

We also welcome new contributing writer Kevin Kidder this month. A former Columbus Dispatch reporter, Kevin tells how Hilliard-based VARGO is helping distribution centers across the country operate more efficiently and in smaller spaces. By creating software to eliminate distribution bottlenecks, VARGO touts innovative waveless distribution systems.

Good pipelines move people, too. Assistant Editor Kitty McConnell explores the efforts and initiatives that continue to encourage growth in Columbus' robust Indian community. Learn why India is the top country of birth for Columbus' foreign-born population. Insights from our Indian-born art director, Yogesh Chaudhary, were especially helpful in Kitty's research.

I hope your teams work together just as well as ours do!