Clare Vetrick thinks she may have been programmed since conception to work with people.

Vice President of Human Resources and Administration
Management Partners

Clare Vetrick thinks she may have been programmed since conception to work with people.

"My DNA is incredibly outgoing," she says with a laugh. "The core of who I am has not changed. It's what ignites my passions."

Early in life, that engagement helped the 8-year-old Vetrick navigate her family's move from their native United Kingdom to Cleveland. Later it helped her excel as a sales and marketing manager for Marriott International.

And in the eight years since she joined Navigator Management Partners, a management and information technology consulting firm headquartered in Columbus, Vetrick's personality has allowed her to become a leader both in the company and in talent management as an institution. Now the vice president of human resources and administration, it also led her to be named 2015 Executive of the Year for a small company.

"To describe Clare the best, I use the mantra 'courageous and considerate,'" Navigator President Kameron deVente says.

"They are not mutually exclusive. You can be courageous getting work done firmly and being task-driven and organized, and be considerate to people in schedule and tone. Clare works extremely well with everyone from a consideration perspective. She calmly and collectively gets things done. People want to do a good job for her. That's her style, from employee relations to wellness to direct placement, to onboarding and recruiting. It makes her a very effective leader."

Vetrick began her path to leadership with an organizational communication degree from Ohio University before joining Marriott. She moved on four years later to become a senior recruiting specialist for the Ray and Barney Group and quickly saw the commonality between the two fields.

"In sales you need to identify what the community needs and find solutions to meet those needs," she says. "Recruiting is the same. You need to align people with the right roles."

Among the companies for which she consulted was Navigator, and she was quickly impressed with the quality of its leadership and its high expectations. In 2007 she joined the firm in talent acquisition and by 2010 was named director of human resources. Three years later she was named chief people officer before last year becoming vice president of human resources and administration.

Vetrick's skills have helped Navigator excel in HR areas such as:

Training courses that increased employees' overall value to clients and allowed Navigator to increase consulting rates. Lower-than-industry-average turnover that stabilized client-consultants relationships. A wellness program to reduce the expense of health benefit premiums.

Vetrick also drove an effort to train additional performance reviewers to improve evaluations and enhance employee growth.

Since her arrival, Navigator's workforce has nearly quadrupled to almost 160 employees, and it has been recognized both locally and nationally as a best company for which to work.

Outside the Navigator offices, Vetrick serves on the board for Alvis House, which provides supported living opportunities for those in need, and is a single mother to two daughters, ages six and eight.

"Life is too short to be doing work that you are not absolutely passionate about," she says. "Finding an organization and discipline that is fulfilling and challenging and aligns with your passion and core values is an extraordinary thing."

"Finding an organization and discipline that is fulfilling and challenging and aligns with your passion and core values is an extraordinary thing."

Finalist (Tie)

John Aldergate
Vice President of Human Resources
YWCA Columbus

The employees of the YWCA provide support for some of the most needy members of the central Ohio community. John Aldergate's support of those employees as the vice president of human resources helped make him a finalist for 2015 Executive of the Year in the small organization category.

A graduate of the Leadership Columbus training program for community leaders, Aldergate oversees the "people" operations of YWCA Columbus, which involves employees at 18 different locations. He and his team of a payroll and benefits coordinator and a training and recruitment coordinator handle all daily HR operations, including payroll and benefits, policies and procedures, board interactions and new employee orientation.

He has also created an innovative in-house training program to address the various needs and requirements of the YWCA employees, including a wellness programs with speakers, training and resources.

Aldergate is not one to limit his contribution to his job description. He has tackled projects like the renovation of the Griswold Building - home of the YWCA - and moving staff and residents elsewhere until the project is completed. He helped set up staffing operations, transportation and protocols for the Community Shelter Board's Van Buren Drive facility, so it could be used as an overflow site.

In his spare time, Aldergate participates in bingo with the YWCA's women residents and to decorates the YWCA building for the holidays to make it feel more like home.

Finalist (Tie)

Kipp Anderson
HR Manager
Capital Resin Corporation

Kipp Anderson has spent two decades serving human resource needs. He has dedicated 15 years to the high-pressure world of the "just-in-time" automotive industry, which aims to reduce production flow times and response times from suppliers to customers.

His ability to think quickly and be accurate and consistent has led him to be a finalist as 2015 Executive of the Year for a small company.

Anderson, who has worked the last 1½ years at Capital Resin Corp., started his career at the American Red Cross before entering the automotive industry with Nifco America. After leaving that company for three years, Anderson was asked to return to serve as corporate human resources manager for all five facilities the company operated.

He later became HR manager at Simonton Windows before assuming the HR helm at Capital Resin.

Since joining Capital Resin, Anderson has revitalized the performance review process from a list of 30 general responsibilities to a performance, planning and evaluation process that develops personnel goals based on company goals. He also created a career tab on the company website to enhance recruitment efforts.

Among his other initiatives were shifting to a cloud-based time and attendance system, revisions to handbooks and forms, developing strategic cost strategies and benefit enhancements, and increasing communication.