Third annual recognition honors 22 winners and finalists

One constant about healthcare is that it's not constant.

Delivery settings have changed from inpatient to outpatient to your neighborhood grocery. Care providers have changed from doctors to physician assistants and certified nurse practitioners. Who pays has evolved from us to our employers and now back to many of us.

In that shifting environment, Columbus CEO's annual HealthCare Achievement Awards have undergone some changes, too.

In this third year of these awards, we have updated the award categories to reflect a growing focus of healthcare providers and public policymakers on health outcomes and broad-based efforts to reduce the incidence of disease and improve wellbeing of entire communities. The new term of art is population health, a major emphasis of healthcare reform efforts locally as well as nationally.

With a broad view of health-taking into account more than just the provision of medical care-our new Pathway to Population Health Award recognizes it takes more than hospitals and doctors to improve the health of a community. The award incorporates previous recognition for community partnerships, workplace wellness and overcoming challenges to improve health status.

Our new Healthcare Trailblazer Award replaces prior recognition for R&D Initiatives to also broaden the focus on creative approaches to improve medical care practice and delivery.

We also beefed up our ranks of reviewers this year, tripling the previous panels of judges from three to nine experts in fields of healthcare administration and delivery as well as public policy. Their combined expertise represents many decades of working in healthcare across Ohio. Columbus CEO is proud to announce these reviewers for the 2015 HealthCare Achievement Awards:

David Blom, president and CEO of OhioHealth and Executive of the Year winner in the 2014 HealthCare Achievement Awards. James R. Castle of Greenville, S.C., retired former president and CEO of the Ohio Hospital Association and a former Joint Commission commissioner. David Engler, Ph.D., senior vice president of leadership and innovation for America's Essential Hospitals, Washington, D.C., and a former VP for quality and patient safety at the Ohio Hospital Association. Phil Ennen, president and CEO of Community Hospitals & Wellness Centers in Bryan, Ohio, and immediate past chair of the Ohio Hospital Association Board of Trustees. Charles Gehring, president and CEO of Lifecare Alliance and finalist for Executive of the Year in the 2013 HealthCare Achievement Awards. Amy Rohling McGee, executive director of the Health Policy Institute of Ohio and previous executive director of the Ohio Association of Free Clinics. Greg Moody, director of the Governor's Office of Health Transformation and previously a senior consultant at Health Management Associates, a national research and consulting firm that specializes in complex health care program and policy issues. D. Brent Mulgrew, executive director and co-CEO of the Ohio State Medical Association and chair of the Ohio Health Information Partnership. Richard Vincent, president and CEO of the Osteopathic Heritage Foundations and Lifetime Achievement finalist in the 2013 HealthCare Achievement Awards.

What hasn't changed is the vital importance of access to good healthcare and efforts to improve health for all-key ingredients for any successful business climate. Columbus CEO is proud to salute those who make central Ohio a healthier place to live and work!