The striking new James tower welcomes its first patients as this issue of Columbus CEO delivers. I hope our story on Pollock's research sheds new light on a cancer unknown to many.

Like most media in town, Columbus CEO was invited to tour the new Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard L. Solove Research Institute before it opened. The invitation included the opportunity to interview a James physician of our choosing. I knew immediately I wanted to speak with Raphael Pollock.

Construction of the new James and the vision for its future allowed the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center to recruit the physician-researcher away from MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. The move netted the James a research grant valued at $16 million along with Pollock's more than-three-decades' experience fighting sarcoma.

My own battle against sarcoma is much shorter, but more personal. I have survived this rare cancer since an initial diagnosis in 2008 and a slight recurrence in 2011, and I intend to continue surviving it much longer.

The striking new James tower welcomes its first patients as this issue of Columbus CEO delivers. I hope our story on Pollock's research sheds new light on a cancer unknown to many.

How about your health? Do you have a New Year's resolution to eat better or exercise more? Do you know enough about your health risks and how to keep them in check? Executive health programs offered by OSU and OhioHealth may be worth investigating. Contributing writer Jeff Bell provides an overview of the two programs in this month's Health Watch, a recurring feature to explore health topics of interest to business leaders.

Beginning this month, Columbus CEO will be shining light regularly on commercial real estate, construction and development. Readers are already familiar with our Spotlight features that focus on small business and innovation. Now you can expect to see a Spotlight each month on new commercial developments, retooled existing spaces or maybe creative construction concepts. Let me know what projects and companies you would like to see featured.

In our first new Spotlight, contributing writer Dana Wilson talks with longtime local condominium developers Philip Fankhauser and Edward Bacome about how they made their Epcon Communities a nationwide franchise opportunity.

If you enjoyed last month's feature on our annual survey of central Ohio business and community leaders, you'll want to see how this issue takes that work a step further.

The survey conducted by Capital University's School of Management and Leadership asked area business and nonprofit executives about their biggest challenges as CEOs for the coming year. Using the four issues that came up most often, Contributing Editor Melissa Dutton asked local leaders how they are dealing with those challenges in 2015.

The sampling of answers from more than a dozen companies and institutions creates an interesting and revealing collage. There are similarities but also distinct differences in how each organization is working to attract and keep staff, develop leaders, remain competitive and sustain growth. The answers demonstrate why those featured are some of the most successful local businesses and organizations.

Here are a couple more bright spots this month:

A local marketing executive tells new contributing writer Kelli Milligan Stammen in our innovation Spotlight how he avoided "what-ifs" by finally producing a long-held concept.

Growing need meets creative solution as contributing writer Steph Greegor explores downsizing and relocating services for an aging population.