Grand St. offers pre-order for leading-edge products

Grand St. is a company that has been committed to selling leading-edge gadgets since its creation a couple of years ago.

Grant St. started as a member-only online shopping experience and has lately dedicated itself to facilitating sales between consumers of the products featured on its website and the inventors/makers of those products.

Grand St. was recently purchased by is itself a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of mainly clothing, jewelry, toys and houseware products.

Grand St. sells pre-order (for delivery in one-six months), beta (products that are still in development) and other interesting gadgets.

Two of their pre-order products recently caught my eye and fell into my shopping cart on


$69 pre-order price; $90 retail; delivery expected in May or June

This product generates the most anticipation in my mind. About the size and shape of a pocket-sized, 5+-inch screen cell phone, the JUMPR is a 7-ounce battery than is made to do everything from jumping a dead car battery to charging a smartphone, camera or tablet.

The gadget's 6,000mAh lithium polymer battery is the heart of this product. JUMPR is FCC, CE and ROHS approved. Proprietary cables are included to connect JUMPR to a car battery or your smartphone or your tablet.

My N3rd

$80 pre-order price; delivery expected in August

Worth buying for the name alone, with this WiFi gadget you'll be able to control any device from your smartphone. Basically, this product is a "network enabled relay device," which means it acts as an upgrade to any switch on any product so you can control and program it remotely.

It will turn home appliances on and off, as well as remotely control your garage door, an electric gate, heaters, hot tubs, sprinklers, lights and more. It will even remotely start an auto, RV or boat.

The setup is supposed to be simple and you'll control the particular device through an app on your smartphone-iOS and Android. My N3RD comes with two relays and two inputs.

Phil Pikelny is vice president of Dispatch Digital and chief marketing officer of The Dispatch Printing Company.