This waterproof gadget measures, graphs, then sends to your phone all of your pooch's activities.

You are being watched. Possibly every moment of every day.

We're not just talking about the nosy neighbors next door who look out their window incessantly. I'm not referring to the traffic cams around town. This isn't about the NSA.

We're talking about today's gadgets that increasingly gather information from all manner of sources, without human intervention, to report on all manner of activity. Many times, your activities.

And all this reporting isn't necessarily sinister. On the health side, you've probably heard how gadgets such as Fitbit can monitor every detail of your health and conditioning.

Did you know similar technology has been collared for your dog? You merely need a Whistle.

This waterproof gadget attaches to your dog's collar and will constantly measure, graph, then send to your phone all of your pooch's walk, rest, play and other activities. This data is then balanced against the dog's breed, individual measurements such as weight and age, and compared to other dogs with similar characteristics. Constantly being watched isn't always bad.


Even while you're at play, gadgets are monitoring and reporting. InfoMotion Sports Technologies, Inc. of Dublin, has brought this technology to the basketball court. The regulation-size basketball uses nine sensors and Bluetooth technology to measure and report every aspect of your game to your iPhone or iPad. The ball has the ability to coach you to become the best B-ball player you can be. The gadget reports on data in millisecond speed, measuring such things as spin, backspin, the arc of the ball to the basket and the speed of your shots and dribbles. The product is made to be used indoors and outdoors and is water resistant.


Not even the piggy bank has been spared from today's monitoring technology. Promoted as the "World's Smartest Piggy Bank," plunk your coins into this seemingly jolly porker and it will track your balance and financial goals and dutifully report them to your smartphone or tablet. To encourage its owner, the pig's nose lights up every time a coin is inserted. As a safety precaution, an accelerometer reports if someone might be moving, or stealing, your stash.

Phil Pikelny is vice president of Dispatch Digital and chief marketing officer of The Dispatch Printing Company.