He's making it his mission to set the record straight on the industry he represents.

As the new CEO of the Ohio Banker's League, Mike Adelman is making it his mission to set the record straight on the industry he represents.

"We need to get the word out better as to the important investment roles of the banks and thrifts are playing across Ohio, as well as across the country," says Adelman. Every banker felt the sting of increased regulations and public animosity spawned by poor industry practices and bad actors during the financial meltdown five years ago, and that's unfair to those professionals acting with integrity in their communities.

"They're just great opinion leaders in their communities," says Adelman. "They really have their hand on the pulse of their communities. They know which businesses are expanding, which businesses may unfortunately be scaling back. They're really involved, whether it's putting jerseys on the Little League team, or running the local charitable drive in town," Adelman says.

Adelman wants to see more students appreciate the role they can play as bankers and begin to consider banking as a first choice career rather than a fall-back. "The best way to do that is to get young people thinking about a career in banking sooner," he says. Adelman has opened up conversations with local colleges to develop stronger financial industry curricula. The OBL's Next Generation program works from within to strengthen young bankers' ties to the industry.

Adelman's big strength is the 22 years of experience he gained working in the Ohio House of Representatives before joining the OBL in 2003. "The relationships I've brought are different as a former staffer in the house and within the administration of a couple of different governors. Certainly that will help to augment the credibility that we have."