Small business owners don't expect much from President Barack Obama--or from any of the Republicans who'd like Obama's job. A new SMB Wellness Index produced by Manta, a Columbus-based online networking site, found 61 percent of 2,300 owners surveyed were pessimistic about small biz prospects, no matter who's in the White House.

When owners were asked which presidential candidate "best supports small businesses," Obama finished second with 21 percent. The winner: "None," with 31 percent. Rick Perry scored 14 percent, Ron Paul 11 percent, and Mitt Romney--a candidate with actual executive experience--just 9 percent. "The most surprising thing was that the survey really showed that the business candidate was not resonating with a small business audience," says Pam Springer, president and CEO of Manta.

Small biz bosses don't like the political parties any better than the candidates. Thirty-five percent said no party best supports them, while 23 percent preferred the Republican Party, 21 percent the Democrats and 17 percent the Tea Party.

Most respondents said they weren't planning to hire new employees, regardless of what happens to Obama's job-promotion legislation. "What's overwhelmingly clear is that tax credits or job credits will not drive hiring for small businesses," says Springer. "As a small business owner, I have to see that I can sell more before I take the chance to hire someone, as opposed to giving me credit for hiring someone without giving me the revenue increase."

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Reprinted from the November 2011 issue of Columbus C.E.O. Copyright © Columbus C.E.O.