Mark Froehlich's been a mayor, a judge, a nonprofit developer and a magistrate. Now he's in the real estate workout business, as director of asset restructuring services for NAI Ohio Equities. "I am able to use my past development experience and legal and judicial experience. It makes a great combination," Froehlich says.

As mayor of Obetz for 15 years, Froehlich says he "had the opportunity to work with real estate developers in all aspects of the commercial real estate industry and greatly enjoyed it."

A decade as a muni judge "provided further opportunity to do community building in a different manner. As mayor, you're developing the community street by street, bringing jobs and growth. As a judge, you're also building a community, perhaps one person at a time."

As CEO of Columbus Urban Growth from January 2007 until it was shut down in August 2008 ("R.I.P. Urban Growth," October 2008), Froehlich saw firsthand the challenges of revitalizing the Northland Mall site.

"Mark is ... very much in tune with the political part of private-public partnerships that deal with real estate situations that banks are dealing with," says Froehlich's new boss, NAI Ohio Equities President Sandy Simpson.

A lot of commercial properties are financially underwater these days. Froehlich says his job is "to assist the lenders, to be a problem solver, to find solutions on how we can make something work and how we can enhance value."

Reprinted from the March 2011 issue of Columbus C.E.O. Copyright © Columbus C.E.O.