Columbus-based alcohol delivery service expands its offering to stadiums.

Refill, formerly Alcohol Deliveries LLC and now a Rev1 Ventures portfolio company, is pursuing a new opportunity in alcohol provision. Already providing libations for individuals, restaurants and events, Refill is growing its technological reach to include stadiums, meaning that users of the Refill app will be able to order a drink or snack for delivery to a stadium seat. Chief Marketing Officer Anthony Reynolds says Refill will start with National Football League and National Hockey League stadiums, with a later expansion into Men's Soccer League stadiums. The professional sports organizations Refill is currently working with are in Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania, he says. As more universities sell alcohol during sports events, Refill plans to include them also. Stadiums incorporating the service will make public announcements as they acquire it.

"Bringing the on-demand experience to stadiums was a logical next step. We have the technology and the expertise when it comes to on-demand delivery," says Reynolds in a press release.

Refill recently completed a 10-week accelerator program with Lumos Innovation that has resulted in a 60 percent sales increase month over month for the alcohol delivery app, according to the release.