Central Ohio foreign trade zone moves the most textile and footwear product in the nation and ranks in top 10 overall for third consecutive year.

Rickenbacker Inland Port's Foreign Trade Zone #138 continues to rise above competition as the nation's top FTZ for moving textiles and footwear imports in 2015. Over $6.2 billion in product moved through FTZ #138, the majority of the nation's $8.9 billion total.

FTZ #138 ranks ninth overall according to the US Foreign-Trade Zone Board's 2015 Annual Report to Congress. FTZ #138 has now been a top 10 foreign trade zone for three years in a row.

In a release, Vice President of Business Development and Communications at Columbus Regional Airport Authority David Whitaker attributes responsibility for this success "to the strong distribution and logistics landscape in the region, and our strong partners in the retail sector."

This central Ohio figure is only expected to grow with increases in distribution center activity for FTZ #138, and the forecast appears to be good for such growth, as moved product value has already increased 37 percent from $5.7 billion in 2014. Whitaker says a goal is to continue helping central Ohio companies in 25 counties compete globally through use of the zone.