Local alcohol delivery app in talks for partnerships with retailers as Amazon's Prime Now requests licensing for alcohol delivery.

Columbus is abuzz about a request from Amazon's Prime Now for licenses that enable it to deliver beer and wine to the area, which has also sparked interest from major retailers in Alcohol Deliveries LLC, an alcohol delivery app that recently received funding from Lumos Innovation's accelerator program. Alcohol Deliveries has a customer base that can help retailers stay in front of Amazon.

Retailer interest in Alcohol Deliveries has opened doors for rapid expansion in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Michigan, and possible national expansion pending success in the Midwest. It has been successful in central Ohio so far, with month over month sales up 60 percent.

Alcohol Deliveries is currently in talks with major retailers and venture capital firms for strategic partnerships that will allow such growth.

Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Anthony Reynolds says in a release, "We have a clear way forward and have only begun to implement our innovations when it comes to disrupting the $162 billion a year alcohol market in the United States."