Ohio becomes home to the US East Region for Amazon Web Services Cloud use.

Ohio Amazon Web Services data center users can now access the AWS Cloud through the US East (Ohio) Region. The Region is comprised of three data center Availability Zones, making cloud access available across the eastern and central US. Availability Zones operate independently of one another and are connected by networks designed to operate with a very quick response time, called low-latency networks. Three Availability Zones mean more options and better quality for AWS Cloud users.

Embracing a cloud-based service may be a smart decision for a company, as it is often the cheapest option and can free up sections of a workforce to focus on other tasks. It is quickly becoming the norm for companies in a wide variety of industries. Governor John Kasich responds to the new Region in a video statement released by the Governor's office, "It's clear that the world's economy is moving to digital technologies and cloud computing. And Amazon Web Services' commitment here demonstrates the leading role that we hope Ohio can play in that world. ... Ohio is not just embracing the new knowledge economy, we're also advancing the technologies on which that economy will thrive."

Data center use is not a new concept to Columbus, buthas become an emerging market that Amazon already contributed to by gaining approval to build a data processing center in Dublin last year. And Columbus companies are signing up. Cardinal Health's customer innovation lab, Fuse, utilizes many features offered by the AWS Cloud as it seeks to provide customers with a voice in the development of products and services for the healthcare company.

In addition to the US East Region, AWS is teaming up with Ohio Academic Resources Network (OARnet) for possible AWS Direct Connect access to OARnet's network, which is an intrastate research hub. This will provide users with high-speed AWS connection to enhance the service.