Canal Winchester's BrewDog announces the release of a potent beer given to investors in the crowdfunding initiative Equity for Punks USA.

BrewDog's hefty 55-percent alcohol by volume brew 'The End of History,' aptly named as Ohio now allows for beer over 12 percent ABV, is given as a gift for $20,000-or-more pledgers to Equity for Punks USA. The $50 million crowdfunding initiative raised over $1 million in the first 72 hours of its launch at the end of July this year, with 25 percent of the current pledgers being from Ohio.

Equity for Punks USA is a pioneer effort that allows investors to own part of the company, give opinions about company decisions, pitch ideas and receive a variety of other benefits like 'The End of History'-a beer that hasn't been released since its 12-bottle, one-time-only debut in 2010-based on how much they invest. Each year, investors are also invited to participate in the company's Annual General Mayhem, a business update that is also a party. The first AGM scheduled for U.S. investors will be on September 24.

BrewDog's Canal Winchester location is nearly done being constructed and is expected to open late this year with its first brews scheduled for release in November. The Columbus brewery will provide drink for planned U.S. BrewDog pubs, the first location of which has been identified in East Franklinton.