Millenials make up more of the workforce then any other generation.

By Samantha Macchia

The next generation of workers, also known as millennials, is an ambitious and passionate group that is transforming the workforce as we know it. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, millennials make up the most of the US workforce out of any other generation. Knowing this, it is time for business leaders to explore how to embrace this wave of workers and utilize their potential, which means understanding what appeals to them and how to attract their interest. From increasing accountability of all team members to understanding the latest technologies, millennials are helping build stronger organizations. Below are a few tips that will help all leaders, no matter the industry, attract and retain millennial talent.

Let everyone's voice be heard.

Millennials want responsibility, and to feel like they play a key role in company operations, so it is important to allow everyone to have a voice. Developing employees to take advantage of growth opportunities early in their career is also essential. Creating leadership opportunities gives employees the opportunity to highlight their skills. This also ensures that those that are most qualified have a chance to take advantage of meaningful leadership roles, rather than those with the loudest voice.

Encourage a "flat structure" mindset.

While many businesses may still require top-down supervision, millennials will thrive if, culturally, they sense a deviation from traditional hierarchies. Instead of solely doing "grunt work" at the outset, millennials should have a clear voice and play valuable roles within a team. Embracing individual contributions to team collaborations is essential to fostering a creative and productive work environment. That being said, you will need to determine what works best for your individual organization to ensure operations are still working effectively.

Encourage collaboration.

Everyone has something to learn from millennials' capabilities in multi-faceted communication. They are eager to understand their contributions to larger team efforts. This quality helps companies to reach larger goals and team members to deeply understand how their roles fit into a larger objective. By focusing on team success, employees will feel more invested in the outcome of each project.

There are many ways that leaders can restructure and redefine their business model to enable employees to do their best work. With the right tools and strategy, each employee's potential can be captured within a cohesive team. In the end, millennials are helping business leaders in all industries build stronger teams. It is just a matter of learning how to embrace their ambitions and harness the benefits they bring. Leaders who understand how to embrace millennials' ambitions will be better equipped to empower their organizations for success-while also attracting and retaining the best talent.

Samantha Macchia is the president and CEO of Summit Financial Strategies, and also serves as a senior financial advisor. She can be reached at or (614) 885-1115.