25-story building to see occupants Downtown starting in 2018.

An "M" will top off the Millennial Tower on the corner of Rich and Front streets.

A 25-story, 400,000-square-foot building is slated to go up in the RiverSouth District at the corner of Rich and Front streets and see occupants by 2018. The high-rise will be named Millennial Tower, after the generation to which it is seeking to appeal.

Plans for the building were announced by Columbus developer Arshot Investment Corporation. Designed by Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Associates of Atlanta, it will feature two floors of retail, six floors of office space, ten floors of residential-both apartments and condominiums-and remaining floors for amenities.

Arshot says the concept for the tower stemmed from a drive to attract a young and creative workforce to Columbus, resulting in a modern, sleek design and focus on community engagement with spaces like a vertical dog park and features like daylighting and 360-degree views for a better quality of life inside and outside of work.

A 40,000-square-foot grocer and parking for over 600 vehicles, as well as electric car charging stations, are other boasted features. The building will be leased by Lion Real Estate Services, an Arshot affiliate.

"We think that the proposal is another example of the demand for office and residential options in Downtown Columbus. We are excited to work with Arshot to bring more office, residential and retail options to Downtown," Steve Schoeny, director of the City of Columbus Department of Development says.

For Cleve Ricksecker, executive director of Capital Crossroads & Discovery SIDS, the excitement lies in the building's scope and scale. "The scale of this building is wonderful. The design is stunning. It's great to see plans for a 25 story-building in Downtown," Ricksecker notes.