Rev1 Ventures hosts annual event to rev up entrepreneurial spirit.

W. Roshen of SS Power Technology shares his latest innovation which combine solar power and electronics.

Rev1 Ventures' annual Venture NEXT event honored companies for achievements within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Among the four awards, Updox, a CRM application for medical offices, took home the title of "Fastest Growing Company."

Mike Witting, Updox CTO, attributes the success to the people who work for the company.

"We've hired for culture first," Witting told Columbus CEO.

After Updox, Simple-Fill, a Rev1 portfolio company that uses natural gas to fuel cars through a compressor, was honored for having the "Best Backyard Effect meaning success resulting from the use of strengths and resources of one's region.

"Last year, we started calling it 'the backyard effect' and we think the term started to catch fire. So, with all the people and organizations that are connecting and collaborating here, central Ohio's become the go-to place for startups," said Rev1 Ventures CEO Tom Walker. "Much of this is driven by Ohio's Third Frontier. Most states in the country are very envious of our state. They don't have an organization like the Third Frontier that funds entrepreneurs directly, funds organizations like Rev1 and also creates these angel funds and seed funds in the state."

Other category winners included Milo Technology for "Spinout," which honored the most promising company developed at a Rev1 innovation partner, and trueDOK for "Customer Pivot," which recognized an early-stages company that has experienced a large market demand.

However, those honored weren't the only ones celebrating at the event.

W. Roshen, an attendee, celebrated the fact that his startup's first product will come to market in three weeks, thanks to help from Rev1.

Roshen, director of technologies at SS Power Technology, has been working, with the help of Rev1, on the U-Panel, which combines electronics with solar power.

"The main advantage of the electronics is (that it will) extract the utmost power from the solar panel than would be otherwise possible. It will be cheaper because the same panel can deliver almost 10 times more power," Roshen told Columbus CEO.

Attendee Jacqueline Dorman wasn't celebrating a launch-but rather a re-launch for the company of which she is president and CEO, Jane.TV, an online network for women which initially debuted in 2011

Jane.TV will re-launch on Apple TV in coming months, having learned from its mistakes and taking advantage of "a perfect time for women to arise, be empowered" due to the possibility that there could be a female president.

Though Jane.TV had initially sought funding from Rev1 and didn't receive backing, Dorman is not discouraged.

"I love VentureNEXT because to me, it's what makes America great. If you have an idea, you can go for it-there are resources and really everyone can follow their passion and it's great to see people like get there," Dorman told Columbus CEO. "When someone finally succeeds, you're like, "yes!" because you know if they can do it, so can you-and I want to see that for more women."

-Julie France