Name of museum's new wing reflects Margaret Walter's longstanding relationship with CMA.

One good turn deserves another.

In honor of the largest donation ever given to the Columbus Museum of Art, $10 million given by Robert "Bob" and Margaret "Peggy" Walter, and a lifelong appreciation for art, CMA has named the new 50,000-square-foot modern art annex the Margaret M. Walter Wing.

Peggy Walter's relationship with the museum runs deep. In 1971, she conducted museum tours as a CMA docent. Shortly after, she joined the Women's Board of the Columbus Museum of Art and she has been a member of the Board for Trustees since 1994.

The Walters' gift went to CMA's Art Matters Endowment and Capital Campaign, and was in fact the first gift given to the Capital Campaign, allowing CMA to act on its ideas for an extension. Signs on the inside of the wing will note the dedication.

The second-largest gift in the museum's history was also given to the Art Matters Endowment-$3.5 million from Nationwide Foundation.

"(The Walters' support) speaks to the importance of relationships for institutions. Their relationship stretches back to when they were young parents and Bob was a young businessman. That long-term relationship and trust led to a gift of that scale," says Nanette Maciejunes, CMA executive director.

Bob Walter is the founder and retired CEO of Cardinal Health.

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-Julie France