Buckeye athletic dept. contributions to Ohio State University

Tomorrow's Buckeye football season opener marks the unofficial beginning of fall in Columbus, and caps off the first week of Autumn-semester classes at OSU.

Ohio State Athletic Director Gene SmithprovidedColumbus CEOwith stats on the OSU athletic department during an exclusive interview for our September issue. The figures Mr. Smith provided indicate the athletic department's financial contribution to Ohio State academic programs and the Columbus job market:

Annual budget: $142 million

# of sports: 36

# of head coaches: 32

# of employees: 340

Student athletes: Approx. 1,000, including incl. 180 to 200 new athletes annually

Cost of living expenses built in to student athlete scholarships: Approximately $3,400 to $3,500

Athletic Department facilities: 18 million square-feet of buildings

Land: 388 acres

Thompson Library contribution: $9 million dispersed at $1 million a year

Contribution to University: Approx. $30 million transferred annually, $16 million of which pays for in-and out-of-state athletic scholarships