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Companies are facing unprecedented change during the pandemic. What temporary changes have been made in your organization that may become permanent?

Shawn Holt, President and CEO, Maryhaven

Our team, like first responders everywhere, has exemplified courage, tenacity and compassion in the face of Covid-19. We’ve worked diligently to follow every health and safety protocol. However, as an anchor behavioral health and addiction treatment center, our doors have remained opened because we must be there for those with addictions or severe mental health challenges. That is why during these challenging times, we have implemented telehealth services to make it easier to connect with our provider staff.

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Telehealth visits are open to new and existing patients. You can receive treatment services from a Maryhaven care provider remotely. Instead of coming into the office for their appointments, patients can use their smartphone, tablet or computer. If there are issues accessing an internet connection or device with audio and video, patients may communicate with their provider using a landline telephone. These temporary changes made for Covid-19 are now becoming permanent treatment methods moving forward.