See inside the fourth-floor offices in the new White Castle Systems Inc. headquarters building off Goodale Boulevard.

Over the course of its 12 years in business, Adept Marketing has moved offices every three years to accommodate a growing workforce. This January it hung its shingle in the new Reach on Goodale development that it hopes will be its home for the long haul.

Firm co-founder Danielle Walton designed the 10,000-square-foot space on the fourth floor of the White Castle Systems Inc. headquarters building with the help of Dupler Office in Columbus and home furnishing business Laura of Pembroke in Canton. The goal was to create a “warm and comfy” office that didn’t feel “cold or corporate.” The idea was that the office not only had room to accommodate future employees, but its features could serve as an amenity that could help recruit them as well.

The space, which has sweeping views of the city, was designed with both open-office collaboration and private work areas in mind based on a 2017 workplace study design firm NBBJ did for Adept. The study found two work styles—the social “butterfly” and the more heads down “anchor.” As such, there are a variety of areas in the office called “huddle” and “focus” rooms.

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“The study was meant to help us answer the question, ‘How does our team work?’ ” Walton says. “I wanted to understand what we needed in our next space. Let’s get the data and then make our decisions. It’s really about function first and then making it look beautiful.”

The office includes two conference rooms of different sizes, stand-up desks and a social hub that includes a large kitchen, big-screen TV, couch and ping pong table.

Walton founded the business with Justin Spring and the two share a large office with views of the city’s skyline. The firm’s 35 employees mostly work in an open office environment in one half of the space while the other half of the office is available should the firm double its workforce.

Elford Development built the new building, which sits where I-670 and route 315 intersect. Special glass was installed so freeway traffic can’t be heard from inside the building, yet Walton likes the energy the fast-moving cars create visually.

See Adept's new offices in the gallery attached to this story.

The office blends modern industrial touches like exposed ceilings and can lighting with warm paint tones and wide-plank wood flooring in the open areas. Offices and the huddle, conference and focus rooms, including one with a nursing chair, are carpeted. There also are inspirational messages found on the walls—“people powered” and “from there to here, and here to there, opportunity is everywhere.” There’s also “when growth is the goal” wall at the office’s entrance that features circular buttons showcasing the company’s clients.

From the initial planning stage to move-in, Walton says the process took a little over a year and proceeded without any major delays or headaches. 

“It was definitely a labor of love,” she says. “It was designed in a way that was best for all of our people.”

Laura Newpoff is a freelance writer for Columbus CEO.