Thrive Columbus aims to be a resource for women across all facets of life.

Connie Schultz will be the keynote speaker for Thrive Columbus’ 2020 Summit on Feb. 27 at the Fawcett Center.

As part of the program, she will be interviewed by WBNS 10TV’s Angela Pace.

Schultz is a a nationally syndicated columnist for Creators Syndicate and journalism faculty at Kent State University. She was a Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist from 1993 to 2011, where she was twice a Pulitzer finalist. She was awarded the commentary prize in in 2005.

Thrive Columbus offers a wide range of topics relevant to women in all stages of life. Fifteen experts will discuss how-tos on topics such as helping millennials flourish, controlling personal finances, dealing with difficult people, networking techniques, supporting a political campaign, and even how to have a thriving sex life over age 50. 

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“The main purpose behind Thrive Columbus is to encourage women get more engaged in the community by giving them easy access to the resources and experts they need to thrive, both personally and professionally,” says Mary Relotto, founder of Mission Possible Consulting and Thrive Columbus. “Whether you want to turn a hobby into a business, join a board, learn to be a better advocate, or run for office, Thrive Columbus helps women with ambition thrive.“

There is no one trajectory for a life, Schultz says.

"And that is a particularly important message for women because we come at these professions—and these lives of ours—in so many different ways," she says. "Our generation of women (boomers) were the first to not assume we would be invisible by the time we reach 50. But a consequence of that, or a benefit of that, I hope, is that we absolutely have to carry as we climb. Because if our only legacy is our own success, it dies with us."