Archall completed renovations on the church, which will become more than just the firm's headquarters if leaders' visions are realized.

When Archall first purchased its new building in 2017, it was a Short North church. The brick building, which has 14,000 square feet to offer, has been partially transformed into the architectural firm’s office. The square footage is double Archall’s previous space, where 20 employees were housed. A goal is for the unused space in the building to be occupied by other creators and designers, making a hub for architecture and design. Currently, Sketch Blue, a retail design firm, occupies a room in the building and so does a photography co-op.

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“The intent for me is to create sort of this design hub,” says Brad Parish, president of Archall. “There's another 1,800 square feet upstairs and I would love to other designers or even engineers to our profession, so we can all work under one roof.”

Many changes needed to be made to transform the church, a major one being the sanctuary (upstairs) floor that was sloped from low to high. Now, the main room of the building has ceilings that extend all the way to the roof, with crisscrossing beams that were on the ceiling of the sanctuary originally. The 35 employees work in a collaborative environment on both floors, with a staircase leading to the upstairs, creating a split-level effect. All drop-ceilings were removed. Archall wanted to leave pipes exposed and concrete floors visible. Interior design is understated but tasteful.

“John Oney and Mike Fitzpatrick, who started the company, they were looking for the next generation to take the reins and continue on. So Dave Kaldy [firm principal] and myself stepped up and [we’re] looking to carry it another 30 years. In that transition, we wanted to give the company a new look in the architecture community here in Columbus.”

Chloe Teasley is the staff writer for Columbus CEO.