Ohio Provisions sits along Route 33 and offers medical marijuana to the communities surrounding Lancaster.

Another Ohio dispensary is up and running near Columbus. Ohio Provisions opened Sept. 9 in Carroll, adding to the growing list of local options for medical marijuana. The dispensary reaches a population previously out of range of other Central Ohio dispensaries. The nearest store is approximately 22 miles from Carroll. The dispensary license was awarded to Lockbourne-based BCCO. 

Chris Mastrilli, Ohio Provisions’ general manager, says Ohio Provisions sees 50-70 patients per day, mostly ages 40 and over, with 300-350 patients total and eight employees. The best-selling product is marijuana bud, with dark chocolates and caramels close behind.

Because of Ohio restrictions, all displayed product has to be taken off the sale floor and stored in a vault overnight. Ohio does not allow the sale of pipes or any smoking method that uses fire, so Ohio Provisions sells vaporizers for smoking flower. All patients must be accompanied by a patient coordinator on the sale floor. Patients are allowed to purchase a 90-day allotment of product at one time, which sometimes isn’t enough.

Mastrilli, who grew up in Cincinnati and graduated from Ohio University, is becoming used to Ohio marijuana law, having moved here from Colorado to open this store. “No one does it like Ohio,” he says of Ohio’s restrictions. One of the most difficult restrictions is that Ohio Provisions staff is not allowed to get very specific in describing how a product will affect a patient or make many recommendations. The dispensary has given patients journals so they can take notes on the feeling a certain product gave them or its helpfulness in relieving pain or other ailments. He says so far the community response has been positive. It isn’t uncommon for him to receive messages of thanks from satisfied patients.

One woman shared with Mastrilli that she was able to go to Walmart and clean out her car while using a product from Ohio Provisions—things she usually can’t do because of chronic pain. Another patient purchases caramels for her son who has Tourette’s.

Located next door is Green Team, a group of physicians that gives prescriptions for medical marijuana. Mastrilli says there is no affiliation, but that Ohio Provisions has received many referrals from the Green Team.

Ohio Provisions offers about 28 strains of bud at any given time—sativas, indicas and hybrids—and many tinctures, gummies, chocolates, caramels and other application methods from seven different cultivators, including Firelands Scientific in Huron. It banks with Wright-Patt Credit Union, a bank Mastrilli says is the one most marijuana companies look to for banking needs. He says he feels safe, even having to deal in cash. There are 53 cameras inside of the building, and there is only one way to enter and one way to exit. All doorways require the use of a key fob and the vault requires biometric screening to open.

In a statement, Mastrilli said, “We want to be a safe, trusted and local health care partner that patients can count on for expertise, advice and compassion as they explore their options for pain relief instead of relying on drugs like opiates.”

Chloe Teasley is staff writer for Columbus CEO. 

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