Here's Columbus CEO's inaugural group of Future 50 leaders—people with the ideas, the energy and the hearts to move the Columbus region forward in the critical decade ahead.

What do you get when you combine a radiobiologist, a university president, a handful of HR professionals, startup founders, communications experts, attorneys, transportation planners, real estate developers and 10 nonprofit executives?

I'm pretty sure if you sent them to a remote planet in the event Earth self-destructed, mankind would be just fine. 

We here at Columbus CEO couldn't be more thrilled with our inaugural class of Future 50 leaders. We are excited to welcome a diverse group of people who are big-hearted innovators committed to making Columbus a world-class community.

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The annual program kicks off in January with a special 13th issue of the magazine celebrating the 2020 cohort and sharing their ideas for how to move the region forward. 

They'll gather early in the first year of a fresh decade to choose an Annual Project (or projects? up to them!) that resonates with the Future 50 core values of altruism, achievement, boldness, creativity and inclusivity. 

With ideas that range from a street art festival to engaging the community in combatting racism, I have no doubt this group is going to do something amazing. Stay tuned to see what it is.

Check out the slideshow to meet the inaugural class of Future 50—and share the news! #ColumbusFuture50