The group is composed of the region's top nonprofit leaders.

When Margie Pizzuti joined Goodwill Columbus as its CEO in 2006, she was also invited into the ranks of a somewhat mysterious set of high-level humanitarians. In the words of one member, they are “a group of like-minded people who put community first and their organizational interest second.”

That’s how Michelle Heritage, executive director of the Community Shelter Board, explains the Hedgehogs, a fellowship of Central Ohio’s large nonprofit leaders. “When you lead an organization you have to look out for that organization, but a higher level of leadership is where you’re always considering the health of the community first,” Heritage says.

As for the odd name, that came about sometime after the group started meeting 15 years ago. Someone brought up the philosophical concept that the world is made up of two kinds of people: foxes, who are cunning and know many things, and hedgehogs, who know one thing—how to roll up in a ball so predators (like foxes) can’t attack them.

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