As the business of marijuana matures (and it barely has), one local attorney is helping students at the Moritz College of Law navigate its complexities.

The business of legal pot is full of questions. Columbus City Council considering reduced criminal penalties for possession of marijuana. Ohio’s dispensaries caught in the conundrum of how to operate without banks. CBD oil being sold at chain retailers. The legalization of hemp.

To give law students a forum to discuss the business complexities and examine issues of social justice around the legalization of a substance that’s for so long sent people to jail, especially people of color, Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law is offering “Cannabiz: Exploring the Legalization of Marijuana” taught by Dickinson Wright Attorney Benton Bodamer.

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The course is part of the college’s Drug Enforcement and Policy Center, which was founded by Professor Douglas Berman in 2017 with a gift from the Charles Koch Foundation.

“The course is designed to provide a focused business perspective on decriminalization and legalization initiatives,” Bodamer says in a release. “The hope is that our students take away the complexities of federal versus state and local laws and how, as business advisers, attorneys can help their clients navigate the nuanced dance that is the operation of a state-compliant business that is federally non-compliant.”

Katy Smith is the editor of Columbus CEO.