Two Columbus startups take the next step to larger audiences.

Vaultz Inc.’s RoamHR debuted in the Apple app store Jan. 21 and was wrapping up beta testing on its Android app in mid-February.

“The product is getting some early traction with users beginning to look for tax software,” founder Rick Gonzalez says in an email. RoamHR was created to help 1099 workers better plan for their tax burdens and set money aside to cover them, and it will add future services that similarly reduce the administrative burden on such workers, who have no retirement matches, no employer tax deductions and no HR department.

Gonzalez says Vaultz is building out two workplace programs with partners who will offer discounts on the platform to their members and was finishing up private fundraising and establishing banking and tax filing partnerships.

Another Columbus-based fintech startup, TribeVest, was featured at the 2019 Startup Grind Global Conference and Pitch in Redwood City, Calif., Feb. 12-13. The matchmaking software for group investing founded by Travis Smith was selected by Startup Grind for its 2019 Accelerate Program.