The Columbus economy is growing, but what does that mean for the people who live and work in the city?

Real estate prices and apartment rents are soaring, concrete indicators of a booming economy. Cranes continue to swing in the cold winter winds high above Downtown, with more apartment buildings going up at one time than the city has possibly ever seen in its history. In the heart of Columbus, condo prices can easily top more than $1 million and rents are reaching to over $3,000 a month in some of the newest complexes convenient to Downtown office buildings.

Tech is booming, even in Central Ohio, which has become the home of multiple startups. Recruitment of top retail leaders, medical professionals and more is in high gear. In medicine, specifically, salaries have been boosted to get the best leaders available. In sports, the same can be said for the elite players.

By all appearances Columbus seems to be doing well. With that thought in mind, we decided to take a closer look—who’s at the top of the income brackets in Central Ohio and who’s at the bottom? Which jobs in the region are multiplying and which are being cut? It’s a new era in the history of Columbus; thus, the following pages explore how the region is evolving in terms of those who have the greatest affluence and those who do not.

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