Baughman Township — Robert M. and Taylor Denning to Kaleb D. Reed, 23 E. Church St., $138,000.

Canaan Township — Dawn Hartley LLC to Craig Purdy, 122 Middle St., $127,900.

Frary Rozar Properties LLC to Mark S. and Kimberly S. Suppes and Dennis H. and Joyce E. McGuire, 117 Pine St., $148,000.

Chester Township — Steven and Julie Noser to Kyle B. and Jenna Stewart, 7247 Camp Road, $225,000.

Chippewa Township — Matthew J. and Jacquelineann Manning to Nicholas J. Manning, 12888 Hametown Road, $102,000.

Clinton Township — Brian C. and Sara J. Hawk to Richard D. and Gwen C. Neal, 3205 Shreve Eastern Road, $232,500.

Congress Township — Stella M. Schaefer to Patrick Schaefer, 99 W Buckeye St., $70,000.

Denny L. Bebout Jr. to Charles E. Davison, 75 Lincoln St., $110,000.

East Union Township — Reuben E. and Barbara A. Wengerd to Robert S. Leyda, 1470 S. Kansas Road, $172,000.

Terry J. and Cassandra L. McDaniel to Kathy L. Starkey, 195 Cardinal St., $73,000.

Jeffrey C. and Nancy A. Rutt to Roy B. and Linda D. Miller, 6203 Ely Road, $367,500.

Andrew Stutzman to Mervin Mast, 64 Finley St., $57,750.

Franklin Township — Raymond J. Besancon to John M. and Edna Yoder, $256,470.

Raymond J. Besancon to Eli A. and Mattie Hershberger, $479,980.

Raymond J. Besancon to Ammon E. and Katie Zook, $100,425.

Green Township — Beth A. Sidle to Jeffrey and Lauren Wallace, 266 S. Summit St., $179,655.

Orrville — Nancy K. Boville to Burl and Sammi Jo Pumphrey, 1451 Winna Circle, $180,000.

Kenneth R. Hartzler to Matthew J. and Rachel Potter, 832 S. Vine St., $154,000.

Tyler A. Goltry to Jacob and Cheyanne Zimmerman, 407 Park St., $94,000.

Renner Development Company LLC to Ryan P. and Karrie L. McAllister, High St., $115,000.

Milton Township — Jeremy and Lois Steiner to Nathan W. Steiner and Joel A Steiner, 11164 E. Easton Road, $120,000.

Paint Township — Wayne J. and Roy W. Miller to Atlee N. Kaufman, Zuercher Road, $849,760.

Plain Township — Milton D. Miller to Gary S. Ash and Julie Leach, 870 S. Elyria Road, $56,000.

Michael R. and Leslie E. Counts to Cory D. and Allisha M. Morris, 9170 W. Old Lincoln Way, $300,000.

Rita F. Lint to Bradley K. Tarleton, 1239 N. Smyser Road, $104,500.

Betsy A. and Edward R. Duncan to Wells Fargo Bank Na, 7579 Ickes Road, $62,000.

Rittman — Herbert A. Gammell to Jesse A. and Emily S. Dollar, 327 N Main St., $107,000.

Thermolene Wyatt to Michael A. Pyle, 10 N. Hickin Ave., $137,000.

BBC Enterprises, A General Partnership, to Havilan Holdings LLC, East Sunset Drive, $55,000.

Charles and Carol A. Krejci to Rhonda J. Beck, 136 Woodland Ave., $109,500.

Gen 1 LLC to Robert G. Hauxhurst, 65 Beech St., $55,000.

Salt Creek Township — Eli A. and Bertha M. Raber to Abe D. and Esther J. Troyer, 8673 Mount Hope Road, $410,000.

Jeremy T. and Sarah Miller to Nathan G. and Sara L. Hembree, 221 Crawford St., $185,000.

Lonnie Eash to Reuben H. and Christina C. Wengerd, 233 Clay St., $55,000.

Sugar Creek Township — Kathy L. Starkey to Austyn and Darion Newman, 18557 Blosser Road, $109,900.

Edward G. Fogel to Merlin Hochstetler and Leah D. Weaver, 12346 Emerson Road, $280,000.

William G. and Edna Ressler to Wayne L. and Beth E. Ressler, 4361 Kidron Road, $65,000.

Virginia J. Hofstetter to James and Miriam Falb, 15142 Emerson Road, $200,000.

Carole M. Campbell, trustee, to Laverne E. and Kelly R. Wenger, 113 Briarwood Drive, $120,000.

Wooster Township — Jac N. and Tessa R. Neville to Jameson Burkey, 2639 Shreve Road, $91,000.

Mary A. Webb to Antoine R. and Kathleen E. Cardinal, 2359 Millersburg Road, $199,000.

Brian C. and Jennifer L. Kiper to Lori D. Colon and Luis A. Colon Delgado, 3979 Batdorf Road, $189,000.

Seth C. and Michelle M. Walker to David W. and Jodie M. Hasson, , 3245 Valley Road, $256,000.

David J. Fuqua and Kelly J. Ogg to Richard L. Minyard, 1696 Sylvan Road, $94,000.

Dale E. and Carolyn Smetzer to Jimmy D. Whitmyer, 1830 Moore Road, $169,900.

John R. Hornak, trustee to James P. and Katie D. Crawford, 1888 Barnes Drive, $175,000.

Rodney D. Houmard to Lindsay Reilly and Andrew Krupp, 2575 Shamrock Way, $225,000.

Wooster — Richard N. Jr. and Kristine A. Hiltunen to Edward Howman, 121 N. Walnut St., $260,000.

GS Real Estate Ohio LLC to Jam7991 Properties LLC, 116 Catherine St., $61,000.

Clifford A. Martin to Kenneth W. and Sally A. Hershey, 719 Spink St., $70,000.

Arnold B. and Kathleen L. Alcorn to Ryan J. and Tracy L. Mathys, 1130 Townsview Place, $60,000.

Phil and Mariah Maletich to Brian C. and Jennifer L. Kiper, 2223 Friar Tuck Circle, $147,000.

Alphine W. Jefferson to James W. Ratleff Jr., 530 Forest Creek Drive, $108,000.

Derek K. and Brenda S. Orr and Jean M. Mercedes to Rachel A. Iannarelli, 425 Catalina Ave., $118,000.

Roberta K. Karl to Mary A. Webb, 2579 Burbank Road, $132,200.

Thomas L. and Kathy F. Iceman to David M. and Krista M. Readout, 2733 Tanglewood Drive, $216,000.

Jan S. and Clifford D. Cotterman to Kathy J. Fleisher, 933 Ashwood Drive, $133,000.

Beech Tree Properties Ltd, An Ohio LLC to Gregory D. Dyer, 954 Mindy Lane, $135,000.



Clark Township — Edward M. and Malinda Erb to Conrad L. and Rachel Jo Yoder, 3139 Township Road 155, $390,000.

Reuben F. and Mary C. Troyer to Oasis Youth Center, 0.8590 acres, Township Road 159, $25,770.

Hardy Township — Edward A. and Teresa L. Bra to William D. and Erma S. Troyer, 8914 Township Road 304, $50,000.

Evelyn L. Rodhe to Marion W. Chupp, 9716 and 9728 County Road 292, $65,000.

Wakatomica Properties to G. Keith and Nettie J. Yoder, 8904 Township Road 304, $140,858.

Killbuck Township — Allen K. Byland Sr., and Allan K. Byland Sr., to Larry D. Byland, 11.48 acres, Township Road 72, $45,000.

Knox Township — Tammy Wright to Dustine Miller, 15915 County Road 23, $23,747.

Kaylee C. Witzel to Nova Lands, 5016 County Road 22, $150,000.

Noah D. and Lindsey C. Schenk to Marta Landoll, 5460 Township Road 208, $88,000.

Mechanic Township — Atlee H. and Freda R. Beachy to Aaron A. and Mary Esther Beachy, NW Corner Section of Mechanic Township T8N, R6W, $58,860.

Mark A. and Leora L. Schenk to Gracious Living, 2432 W. Buckhorn Drive, $137,500.

Ervin L. and Ella A. Raber to Mark J. and Mary Mast, 20039 Township Road 116, $350,000.

Millersburg Village — Mark P., Michael R., Jerry A. Jr. and Becky L. Hoxworth to Nancy L. Strother, 107 Brambly Hedge, $50,000.

Donna Y. Akins to Grant J. and Tiffany N. Troyer, 1167 Wooster Road, $125,000.

Marilyn J. Allison to Michael Troyer, 589 Maxwell Ave., $119,000.

Elizabeth J. Mendenhall to Conrad G. T. and Margaret H. Yoder, 234 S. Washington St., $129,500.

Bird Enterprises to December Properties, Lot 42, $100,000.

Monroe Township — Richard E. and Jordan L. Anderson to Garth L. and Andela D. Schrock, 10527 Township Road 267, $215,000.

Paint Township — Wayne N. and Sarah A. Mast to Mast Brothers Enterprises, 1.260 acres, U.S. Route 62, $50,000.

Prairie Township — Philip and Amy Hostetler to Duane R. and Rebecca E. Yoder, 5.001 acres, Township Road 551, $68.269.

Leroy and Karen Schrock to Levi A. and Naomi Miller, 8998 County Road 320, $30,000.

James L. and Deborah A. Schaefer to Mary J. Troyer, 842 Township Road 574, $155,000.

Ripley Township — Mark Kauffman to Paul J. Yoder and Timothy J. Yoder, 11140 Township Road 506, $300,000.

Saltcreek Township — David K. and Ruth E. Rabatin to Marlin J. and Mary E. Miller and David Miller, 7500 County Road 201, $246,000.

Walnut Creek Township — Philip L. and Effie Troyer to Joseph W. and Julie A. Miller, 4430 Township Road 447, $435,000.

Levi E.L. and Sara A. Hershberger to Lamar D. and Karen Hershberger, 3765 State Route 39, $495,000.