On June 28, FFA officers of the West Holmes FFA chapter departed for an officer retreat.

These members consisted of President Taylor Feikert, Vice President Abby Rohr, Secretary Anna Irwin, Treasurer Laura Irwin, Reporter Rebecca Sprang, Sentinel Lexi Ogi, Student Adviser Jayme Pennell and Historian Maddie Stitzlein.

When the officers arrived at West Holmes High School, they discussed reasons for the retreat. They also made a shopping list for everything they would need for the retreat.

They arrived at the campgrounds around 10:15 a.m. and set up tents. After that, they went swimming. They ate sandwiches for lunch and then participated in team building activities.

The officers determined that they all had different personalities and discussed on how to work together. They determined the characteristics that made a leader as well as what made a team.

They determined what activities they wanted to eliminate, improve or add in the chapter. The officers also tried to figure out ways to balance all of the different activities in which the chapter is involved.

For a surprise activity, the officers went hiking in Mohican. They also climbed the fire tower and looked out the gorge overlook.

When they returned to camp, the officers made a blind square where they were all wearing blindfolds and were set out in a straight line. They were given part of the rope and were told to make a square. They also made a human knot and had to go through an obstacle course blindfolded.

The officers made hot dogs for supper over the fire and had Smore‘s for desert. After that, they discussed items that were meaningful to them and questions they had about the FFA and being an officer.

In the morning, they ate breakfast, packed up camp and headed back to the school.

At the school, they discussed what they were going to do for kids day, fair booth and details for the new things they wanted to add to the chapter, as well as the yearly calendar. They ate lunch with the West Holmes principal, and they received his input on the items they wanted to add and improve.

Then the officers put work into the new plans they ha