After six years with the beloved cinema, Kevin Rouch wants to spend more time with his family.

The Drexel Theater is looking for a new leader. After six years as its theater director, Kevin Rouch resigned in April, saying he wants to spend more time with his family and pursue other projects. “I found myself working more and more,” he says. “I just had some other things I wanted to do. I've got four grown children who live around the country, so I wanted a chance to be able to visit them.”

Under Rouch's leadership, the Bexley cinema completed a $2.5 million renovation that included a new roof, a restored marquee, digital upgrades and other improvements. Rouch joined the Drexel shortly after the Friends of the Drexel, a nonprofit group, purchased the 81-year-old triplex, creating a more sustainable business model and forging a partnership with the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts, which provides the theater with accounting, development and marketing services.

A lawyer by training, Rouch says he's interested in returning to practicing law. He also is exploring some new “media projects,” including making a short film. “No slight to the Drexel,” he says. “I still love it. I've done a little bit of consulting work with theaters and so I hope I can do some programming with them down the road.”

“No bridges burned, no bad blood,” he adds. “I'm getting close to 60, so it was just a life decision.”

CAPA and Drexel officials are looking to replace Rouch. “The position has already been posted several places,” said CAPA spokeswoman Rolanda Copley in an email. She said there is no set date for a new hire to be in place. “The priority is in being thorough in the search and finding the right person,” she said.