The software company designed a space that is a perfect fit for employees.

With global headquarters in India and California, Persistent Systems in Dublin is not a huge, bustling office. Rather, it's a place with a strong culture for its 63 workers, and a bright, simple space with a “private” patio (the other building residents can use it, but they never really do).

The software services company is “26-years-young,” says Anagha Vyas, the office's local leader. Over the years, Persistent Systems has worked with startups that are no longer startups, like Microsoft and Yahoo. It is nimble, changing as technology changes, and now focuses on emerging technologies, financial institutions and healthcare companies. Because of the nature of the business, desks and monitors are angled in such a way that information on the screen is kept private. Desk space is shared, and both standing and sitting desks are offered. Vyas says that, although employees can sit anywhere, they often “nest” and remain in one spot.

By far, the most well-used area is the open space with a few couches and a ping-pong table. Vyas says that there are people decompressing with a game nearly every afternoon. Just off of this area is the patio, which overlooks a pond. Vyas says most coffee and lunch breaks are spent in this location when the weather permits.

“There are ducks out there,” Vyas says. “They keep coming on the patio and knocking to be let in, so we always joke that we are so popular, everyone wants to get in.”

In 2013, when Persistent Systems was searching for a destination for its Columbus office, Columbus 2020 made a “compelling proposition” for Dublin. After choosing the spot, the company got to work with a designer to make the space fit values and brand. Vyas says the space was much too traditional-looking when they first saw it.

“That was not the culture we had, so we pulled everything down and opened everything up.”