Ease the burden of running a young business—and prevent burnout—by finding good balance.

The launch of your startup or small business is an exciting venture. Completely immersed in the massive responsibilities it comes with, you are not deterred from your determination to ensure its ultimate success. After all, this is your “baby” that you have nurtured since the beginning.

Start-Up and Small Business Growth Data

According to the latest statistics available, The Bureau of Labor and Statistics shows during the first quarter of 2017 there were 5,851 new startup or small businesses in Ohio. The second quarter number was 5,444. Specific to the central Ohio region, an August 2016 CNBC.com article, “Columbus, Ohio: A Growing Mecca for Small Businesses,” considers Columbus a place with a startup business boom! The distinction is attributed to the city’s creation of the nation’s first one-stop-shop small business concierge. Henry Golatt currently serves in this role.

Work-Life Balance: A Necessity

While this is great news, starting a business is very hard work. A seven-day work week is not unusual. However, this hectic schedule is not sustainable nor realistic to continue indefinitely. Although there are many obstacles for a business owner to overcome, one major challenge includes successfully navigating a work-life balance to help prevent burn-out and curtail stress. Yes, the ever elusive work-life balance is essential for the health and wellness of a business owner. Work-life balance may feel like a nebulous concept, but with some planning, it’s attainable.

Work-Life Balance Tips for Start-Up and Small Business Owners

These five tips are especially beneficial for startup or small business owners.

1) Embrace your natural rhythm. Develop a keen awareness of your unique work patterns that are best suited to encourage peak performance and productivity.

2) Delegate—beyond the office. Hire an errand service to handle routine tasks and chores or a chef to prepare a healthy meal or an assistant to pick up dry cleaning or walk your dog. Although delegation can be counterintuitive for a business owner, it allows for more time and energy to be concentrated on your areas of expertise.

3) Hire a coach. A life coach can offer a vital connection as a confidante and sounding board to help keep life in perspective.

4) Seek a mentor. The caliber of this type of relationship is invaluable to enhance inspiration, motivation and creativity.

5) Remember work-life balance initiatives for your employees! They are an integral part of your company’s success that you envisioned. A well-executed program is vital for them, as they suffer through the same stressors and hardships as the owner, and therefore should not be neglected.

Although a work-life balance for a start-up or small business owner seems nearly impossible to achieve, the benefits are indisputable for the health and wellness of the entrepreneur and for the longevity of the business and its employees.

Constance Bates' over 30 years experience as a therapist and coach, which includes private practice, allows for an infusion of first-hand knowledge of employee distress and struggle with work-life balance. Her company works with businesses committed to their staff by offering a workplace concierge errand service to lift the burden of conducting routine tasks and chores. The service, called Take 5 Concierge, allows for a more focused and productive workplace. Feel free to e-mail her directly at constance@take5concierge.com.